Monday, October 9, 2017

Postseason XC Training

Like every year, there will be a postseason flyers group to train for Foot Locker South/Nike SE. It's no cost and the practice schedule will be (likely) twice per week. The level of talent at these practices will be absurdly high, as usual. Changes from prior years: Justin is now the head coach at West Liberty, so I (Jonathan) will be handling both genders; the high school group will start the day after States (Oct. 29) but the junior high group's first practice will be Saturday Oct. 21 at 8:30am at the WVU Track parking lot (junior high season ends early); and both groups will train together in November.

If you plan on doing winter flyers in a serious fashion, I would strongly encourage your attendance. If you are young and want to see how high schoolers at the highest levels train, I strongly encourage your attendance. And if you enjoy suffering pain on a biblical scale, I would also strongly encourage your attendance.

Questions? Email me at, DM me on Twitter at @WVFlyers, or text me if you have somehow acquired my phone number.